Health Care

  • Tulasi Arka (Tulsi Drops)


    Tulasi Arka Tulasi Arka is useful in Cough, Cold, Dyspnoea, Hiccups. It also helps in Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma and Malaria. MADE OF 100% TULASI.

  • Sucharana


    Gou Ganga’s Sucharana has a unique blend of Sesame Seed Oil and Cow urine, making this product highly effective in moisturizing dry skin. Til (Sesame) seed oil gets easily absorbed by skin, thereby helping to repair damaged skin cells. The antibacterial properties of Arka Residue makes makes this product safe to apply to wounded or parched skin. Pacha Karoora softens cracked and uneven heel, and reduces skin irritation.

  • Organics SlimHealth Capsules 18 Herbs


    SlimHealth Capsules is a traditional ” Siddha Functional Food” prescribed to remove excess fat from the body. When taken regularly, it reduces the LDL “bad” cholesterol and potential related cardiovascular risk factors. It lowers Blood Pressure. It also improves digestion and reduces burning sensation of foot/palm/eyes. SlimHealth Capsules does not suppress hunger. For a holistic weight loss regimen, these capsules can be taken alongside 18 Herbs Organics Premium Green Tea.

    Available sizes – Container 120 capsules

  • One Drop Shathayu Herbals


    One drop is a blend of spearmint, Camphorand caraway extracts is formulated to provide instant relief form headache and heaviness often caused by sinusitis and congestion. One drop is non-greasy and non-messy unlike most of the commonly available rubs and balms.

  • Nivedana Ayurvedic Headache Balm


    The active ingredients produce soothing aroma which provides relief from your day to day stress and helps you get peaceful sleep.

  • Herbo Protein Powder 18 Herbs


    This protein powder is made from 100% organically certified Indian herb called Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens) also known as velvet beans and Kapikachu (Sanskrit). Due to its high protein concentration (23–35%), it is a rich source of dietary and highly digestible plant protein.

    Mucuna contains the highest natural source of the aminoacid L-Dopa, a neurotransmitter that helps increasing dopamine levels. Dopamine has many functions in the brain and in the nervous system as a whole promoting vitality, cognition, learning, sexual desire, assertiveness and many more.

    Available sizes – Container 100 grams powder.

  • Haridrarasa – Natural Turmeric Extract


    Haridrarasa made out of 100% natural plus organic turmeric roots. The extracted juice forms a translucent reddish-yellow liquid which is 100% natural, has no added colour, Flavor and preservatives. Haridrarasa is Antiviral, Antifungal and Anti Bacterial in nature. Haridrarasa consumed daily on regular basis it improves body Immune System, Removes Toxins from Body and also it helps in Reduction of Fats, Thus Adding Weight Loss, Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels and Cure Liver Problems. Helps in Improving Blood Circulation and also it Purifies Blood.