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Basic Questions:

S4R is a e Market place for all NGO and individual where there is a social cause or the full or partial profit is used for benefiting the society or needy individual.

Shop4reason is a  E Shopping platform for consumers.  You have to be a legal Entity serving for social cause or change. Such as NGO, Trust, Society, Foundation, Community Business etc. In other words you are eligible if you have a a social reason or cause to buy a product.

You could also be a manufacturer, brand owner, retailer/reseller, franchise holder or a distributor.

You can also be a professional artist/artisan or just a trader who can do .

Please visit www.shop4reason.com  and register and login. Follow the easy step-by-step process to sign up. Please note that Shop4reason will first verify you before you start selling on  Shop4reason.

  • You need to be registered legal entity , Bank account, PAN number and Proof of Identity and Address.
  • Login to shop4reason.com and register.
  • After verification your account will be active.
  • On receiving a official confirmation by mail. Upload products in your online store and regularly manage it.
  • For any clarification call our customer care number or send mail.

This is available in the sellers information, Please read , Understand & clarify before you start selling. To learn more follow this link Terms and Condition.

You don’t require a website to sell products on S4R. But having a website helps you to increase sales and brand image. if you need we can create a website for you at a special exclusive special price for S4R seller.

If you have a website. You can sell online. But you will not be able to draw the customer to your website without advertisement and lot of effort is required. Whereas more number of products are available on S4R and company also spends a lot to promote website and draw the customer to visit the website and hence more sales. This a team work.

If you need a website to be updated. Please contact [email protected]  or 9980133300


You will get your own branded online store with your name and logo and other details of your business. You can freely use your store Page URL in your marketing material, advertising and even business cards. Web store URL’s naming convention is http://homelyorganics.com/store/YourStoreName

You have your own user name and password and complete administrative access of your online store at Shop4reason at www.Shop4reason.com . You can access your online store at Shop4reason anytime, from anywhere using any Internet connected devices. You can upload new products, change quantity, change pricing, manage orders, manage inventory, and many other things in a matter instantly.

Uploading your products in Shop4reason catalog is really easy. You can upload your products anytime from anywhere. Either from mobile or desktop. However we recommend that you use a high resolution photo to look attractive and clear. This will help the customer to take quick decision.

In case if you have a difficulty to upload. We shall help you.

You can change anytime from anywhere your product description, price, quantity, discount offered, bundling etc. All this can be managed with your own username and password and via a PC, mobile or tablet. Some of the changes require S4R approval.


  1. Seller / Vendor Registration Fee – There is a onetime registration fees as a Seller / Vendor. Please refer Commission page.

       Set up Fee :Once the registration is over. We will set up the online store for you free.

Listing fee: Currently we do not charge for listing as an inaugural offer, However there are certain preferred place on the website. This is available on special price and based on the availability. This is on firt come first sever basis. We recommend that you reserve this place Day/week/Monthly basis to get the advantage.

Selling service fee
A selling service fee is charged upon only when a product is sold and transaction Is complete . we charge  a percentage fee on MRP listed . Please refer S4R commission chart for details

Presently we offer all the popular online payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking etc,  Soon to introduce cash on delivery, EMI, and International credit cards.

We process all our payments online only transfer the money to sellers account after deducting our selling service fees. This will be transferred to the bank details provided to S4R during the registration time.

We shall transfer the payment on weekly /fortnightly on confirmation of the delivery of the product to the customer.

Since you are raising the invoice and selling the product , it is your duty  collecting and paying the accurate VAT/CST. Shop4reason only provides online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. MRP should be inclusive of all taxes.


Initially you need to send the courier and we shall offer this service. We shall have a special rates negotiated and we shall pick and ship.

You can check the delivery status of all orders through your sellers  Login.


Every time a customer buys an item at Shop4reason, he/she is invited to rate the seller on a five star rating system.

Higher sellers  rating  or more positive feedback from buyers will help you to see better customer response. If you consistently get positive feedback, other potential buyers will be more likely to buy from you.